Start x100 this Saturday 11.01.2020 at 18 00 UA!

Hello experienced heroes of the universe Universe Mu! We congratulate you on the upcoming 2020 and wish you all the best for the new 2020! The administration is already finishing all preparations for the launch of x100 and is ready to state the official opening date of the new flight - 11.01.20 at 18.00 UA. We invite everyone to break into the start and take first place in the top!

P.S. Donat shop will not work for the first week, only buying a VIP!


Date: 07 / 01 / 2020

New Years events!

Good night, the administration of the Univese Mu server decided to have a fun celebration on the eve of the New Year holidays!

Waiting for you:

- December 29 at 18 00 battle with the Evil Santa in Davias. The character who struck the last blow will receive a top pho weapon;

- December 29 at 18 30 drop event from Santa in Davias;

- December 30 at 20.30 The battle with Cursed Santa in Crowolf, the killer will receive 1000 Credits 1000 WCoinC and Fenrira;

- December 30 at 21 00 drop event from Santa in Davias;

- In honor of the New Year holidays, from December 24 to January 14, there is a special offer: Buy Credits for $ 20 or more and get 20% credits as a gift and a VIP account for 21 days!

All with the upcoming, we wish all the best for the new 2020 !!! Ho ho ho

Date: 24 / 12 / 2019
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