All new players to our server are entitled to a starting bonus! 30 RESET, 2KKK ZEN, 2K WCOINC AND 7 DAY PLATINUM VIP! To obtain, contact the administration in a convenient way for you!:)                                                      

Update #29.11

Hello everyone, the Universe MU administration wants to please you with a long-awaited update on all our rates, namely:

- Improved cooking at Seniora in Loren Deep, now only weapons and shields are cooked there, both new from the Universe set and several types of standard ones +9 - +15 more about make at Seniora;

- Some bosses removed bad drops, like packs of Jewel of bless, etc.

- Reduced Jewel of Guardian drop in Land of Trial;

- Increased PVE damage for DW, MG and ELF;

- The system of bonuses for the Grand Reset has been revised, the reward has been improved about;

- Added a new set of stuff specifically for Grand Reset rewards, the set is called GR Unique, suitable for all classes, about;

- The ability to make Pink Option has been added to all new weapons, shields and sets of Universe or GR Unique, so things can only be worn from 400 lvl;

- If at the time of the update you already have a Grand Reset, on the next one you will receive bonus wcoin for the previous one;

- If you have a Grand Reset required to get one or more new GR Unique items, with the next Grand Reset you will receive the previous items. It concerns only new things and mostly x1000, about;

- Exp slightly raised at all locations above Kanturu;

- On x100 added DS at 23:30, also BC from 12:10 postponed to 12:00;

- Fixed a bug with the Great Goden Dragon, when sometimes it could not be found;

- A number of minor edits have been made;

- Revised and made a number of edits related to HP of mobs in top locations, for more convenient pumping by all characters, it was decided to reduce HP for some mobs;

- Slightly increased the majority of bosses;

- Also worked with editing the ratio of HP and Level for some mobs, including the bosses from Golden Invasion;

- Added 1 new set of things for each class, Universe set, about;

- A new Deep Dungeon location has been added to the game, in order to get into it you need to have at least a minimum Vip Silver and higher;

- Also, a new boss, Deep Dungeon Boss, has been added to the game, from which new Universe sets are dropped, about;

- On the eve of the New Year holidays, we are giving you a 50% discount on Donate Credits from 29.11 to 15.01!

If I forgot to mention something, I'll add it.

P.S. We have begun the preparation of New Year's events, no one will remain indifferent! :)

Attention! This update will be introduced on November 29 between 11:00 and 15:00 server time, in stages for all rates! Also, tomorrow evening, around 17:00 - 19:00 on the server, we will hold a series of events at x1000 and x100.

Date: 28 / 11 / 2020

First Castle Siege! :)

Congratulations to the Unique guild on the successful capture of the castle and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Shop on the site is open.

The X-Shop in the game has been updated, if not updated, re-log into the character.

We wish everyone a good and exciting game on our server :)

We are resting in good old Mu online together! :)

P.S. An interesting update is waiting for you soon on all rates, 70% ready :)

Date: 15 / 11 / 2020
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