All new players to our server x15 and x1000 are entitled to a starting bonus! 30 RESET, 2KKK ZEN, 2K WCOINC AND 7 DAY PLATINUM VIP! To obtain, contact the administration in a convenient way for you!:)                                                      

Updates #3.06

Small update:

- Increased the experience gained on the Farea map by 20%;

- Added master experience on the Farea map;

- Removed site currency - Gold Coins;

- Added the ability to purchase items in the Shop for WCoinC;

- Removed drinking can limit per second. There were 3 banks per second, now unlimited;

- A more detailed elaboration of the balance of all the characters in PVP and PVE;

- Removed some unnecessary items from their x-shop;

- Removed the skill of DL Chaotic Diseier, now the top skill - Fire Scream;

- Who has the study scroll left, can change it to 50 W CoinC from the administration in the game, throw it away or sell it to the store;

- For using the remaining scrolls on the server to learn Chaotic Diseier, you get a ban for 7 days with complete removal of all skills;

- Updated anti-cheat system;

- Added prizes for 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 Grand Reset. Read more:

- The offer was extended with the purchase of credits until June 30.

From SW. team Universe Mu.

Date: 15 / 06 / 2019

Updates #2.04

Greetings to all! And congratulations on the month of full server Universe Mu! We are pleased to present to your attention a new update! :)

It includes:

- You can safely perform quests, regardless of your profession and BC / CC / DS;

- a more detailed balance between the character on the server and on the site of the castle;

- Removed a significant decrease in dmg on the Castle Siege;

- Reduced the cost of stones in x-shop;

- Removed 4 Wings from x-shop;

- Corrected through the function of teleport on nickname in Fri (removed the difference in 50 lvl);

- The character Lagger in May made the most votes (41 votes) for our server, for which he received 1000 WcoinC, 1/5 part for fenrira cooking and 3 wings for cooking;

- Kundun now fully appears 2 times a day, 12 hours after the murder;

- Increased the drop of the luck jewel, the jewel is excellent, the jewel of the level and the jewel of the variant with Erohim;

- Added new Ferea map with 15 spots for pumping;

- Added boss Lord Ferey and his partner General;

- Appear at 21 00 every day;

- Drop from the new boss - 1 top thing or a weapon with 2-3 opt (Hades, Brave, Titan, Royal, etc.);

- A drop with a general pack of stones, a jewel of luck, a jewel excellent, a jewel of a level, a gem, a jewel of a reboot or a jewel of a variant;

- Discount on donations of up to 5,000 credits at 10%, with donations ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 credits at 14% and for donations of more than 10,000 credits at 18%.

The discount is valid until June 18 inclusive.

This week you need a lot of gifts and quests from the administration!

Good game! ;)

C SW. Team Universe Mu Online

Date: 04 / 06 / 2019
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