All new players to our server x15 and x1000 are entitled to a starting bonus! 30 RESET, 2KKK ZEN, 2K WCOINC AND 7 DAY PLATINUM VIP! To obtain, contact the administration in a convenient way for you!:)                                                      

Update soon! Us month! :)

Update soon!

Good morning everyone, I would like to inform you that our team is preparing interesting updates for the first month of our work.

Which ones? :)

This you will learn closer to 3-4 June. We can only say that there will be many events from the administration, discounts, new interesting locations have been added, events, spots for top players have been added and gameplay has been improved.

From SW. Team Universe Mu online. :)

Date: 28 / 05 / 2019

Updates #1.1

Updates on the server:

Changed the color of posts / post to a more pleasant one;

Reduced the number of required zen on reset to 10 kk * the number of resets (for example: you need 10 * 15 = 150 kk for 15 resets);

Removed the discrepancy of 1 wing and the required level;

Customized Ring of Wind for all classes;

Increased Zen fallout to Cantura Relic;

The bosses Kundun, Balgas, Nightmare, Medusa, Selupan and Anubis were strengthened;

Increased the percentage of loss of things from the hands and the boss at the Maya Event;

Increased waiting time after TvT;

More experience, reduced difference in gaining experience between solo and party;

Increased the percentage of sharpening stones;

Reduce the spread of mobs from their spots on many maps;

Increased the drop of demons in all locations;

Zen division is turned off when going up to the party;

Increased the amount of experience gained when buying silver vip, golden vip and platinum vip;

Increased the number of received WCoinC with various bosses;

Added a drop of imp to the Box of Luck and Firecreaker drop;

A Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option and Silver Coin has been added to the Skeleton Invasion drop;

The usual top items were removed from the Kundun Box drop;

Jewel of Reset stone added to the prize for BC +7 +8 and CC +6 +7;

Added the ability to expand stats using a special menu;

Added a detailed setting offupsp using a special menu.

In the development of more updates.


Date: 09 / 05 / 2019
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