All new players to our server x15 and x1000 are entitled to a starting bonus! 30 RESET, 2KKK ZEN, 2K WCOINC AND 7 DAY PLATINUM VIP! To obtain, contact the administration in a convenient way for you!:)                                                      

New Years events!

Good night, the administration of the Univese Mu server decided to have a fun celebration on the eve of the New Year holidays!

Waiting for you:

- December 29 at 18 00 battle with the Evil Santa in Davias. The character who struck the last blow will receive a top pho weapon;

- December 29 at 18 30 drop event from Santa in Davias;

- December 30 at 20.30 The battle with Cursed Santa in Crowolf, the killer will receive 1000 Credits 1000 WCoinC and Fenrira;

- December 30 at 21 00 drop event from Santa in Davias;

- In honor of the New Year holidays, from December 24 to January 14, there is a special offer: Buy Credits for $ 20 or more and get 20% credits as a gift and a VIP account for 21 days!

All with the upcoming, we wish all the best for the new 2020 !!! Ho ho ho

Date: 23 / 12 / 2019

New year update!

Hello experienced warriors of the north UNIVERSE MU! The administration of the server congratulates you on the upcoming New Year holidays and makes small pleasant innovations!

More details:

- Added chance to drop ANC items from mobs on 7-8 BC

- Redesigned random for BC

- Jewel of Exellent, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Option, Stone, Jewel of Level added to BC reward

- Increased HP at the gate and statue

- Drop Jewel of Reset by 8 BC increased

- Improved drop with Erohima in the castle

- Increased drop from jellyfish to 2 items

- Increased drop from Selupana to 2 items

- Increased drop from Diablo to 3 items

- Increased drop from Farea to 2 items

- Added drop Jewel of Reset on Farea

- Increased the amount of Box of Kundun dropped from golds to 2 pieces

- Increased the number of HP at the gate and Statues in the castle

- A number of works were carried out to adjust the game process of the castle sieges

- The most fun: The new boss Cursed Santa and his faithful helpers Cursed Goblins have been added to the game

- Cursed Santa and his 10 helpers Cursed Goblin attack Crywolf every 4 hours

- Appear 4 hours after the murder.

- Drop with Cursed Goblin: anc, zen, 20-30 bless or soul, Jewel of Reset, Jewel of Exellent, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Level and part for cooking the fenrir Fragment of Horn. Also for killing 1 goblin is given 10WCoinC, 10WCoinP, 10 goblin points and 1 Credits

- Drop with Cursed Santa: anc, 30 bless or soul, Jewel of Reset, Jewel of Exellent, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Level and the finished part for Broken Horn fenrir cooking. Also for killing 1 Santa is given 50WCoinC, 50WCoinP, 50 goblin points, 5 Credits, 1 guild point and New Year's buff for 45 minutes to the character who killed the Evil Santa.

Closer to the new year, exciting bonuses and gifts await you! :)

p.s. The administration is developing another rate server UNIVERSE MU - x100! The approximate opening date is January 5-10. There will be an epic project! =)

All health, more positive and New Year's mood!

Date: 19 / 12 / 2019

A new beginning on 26.10.19 at 19 00 (Ukraine)!

Hello all the old and new players! Universe Mu administration welcomes you and wants to announce the official opening date of 26/10/2019 at 19 00 (Ukraine), as well as a few words about what awaits us! As mentioned earlier, our team decided to make a new, much more thoughtful start to the redesigned server! We did a lot of work on setting up and adding new interesting things to the server.

Like many old players, you most likely already noticed some changes, but let's take a closer look:

- Transition from rates x500 to rates x1000;

- Developed a new website design;

- Zeroing all the achievements of the players at the moment;

- Ability to return your belongings or purchase new ones for helping the server;

- Reduced level to enable Mu Helpera to 1;

- Reworked the balance between classes;

- Reconfigured buff in Lorencia, removed buff reflex;

- Redesigned drop stones;

- Increased the ability to get FO things in a game way, by increasing prizes for quests, killing bosses, passing events;

- Added the ability to view the characteristics and remaining time to all buffs;

- Added new buffs: Noob buff (given to everyone, up to 10 resets), Party buff (should be all classes) and Guild Buff ((Total res gi / number of characters in gi) / 25;

- Strengthened all the bosses;

- The new boss Diablo;

- Reworked and increased prizes for quests from the quest master (more);

- Added new quests (more);

- Added the ability to get Silver Vip for killing top bosses.

This is only part of the new updates from the administration of Universe Mu!

Date: 24 / 10 / 2019
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