All new players to our server x15 and x1000 are entitled to a starting bonus! 30 RESET, 2KKK ZEN, 2K WCOINC AND 7 DAY PLATINUM VIP! To obtain, contact the administration in a convenient way for you!:)                                                      

Updates #1.1

Updates on the server:

Changed the color of posts / post to a more pleasant one;

Reduced the number of required zen on reset to 10 kk * the number of resets (for example: you need 10 * 15 = 150 kk for 15 resets);

Removed the discrepancy of 1 wing and the required level;

Customized Ring of Wind for all classes;

Increased Zen fallout to Cantura Relic;

The bosses Kundun, Balgas, Nightmare, Medusa, Selupan and Anubis were strengthened;

Increased the percentage of loss of things from the hands and the boss at the Maya Event;

Increased waiting time after TvT;

More experience, reduced difference in gaining experience between solo and party;

Increased the percentage of sharpening stones;

Reduce the spread of mobs from their spots on many maps;

Increased the drop of demons in all locations;

Zen division is turned off when going up to the party;

Increased the amount of experience gained when buying silver vip, golden vip and platinum vip;

Increased the number of received WCoinC with various bosses;

Added a drop of imp to the Box of Luck and Firecreaker drop;

A Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option and Silver Coin has been added to the Skeleton Invasion drop;

The usual top items were removed from the Kundun Box drop;

Jewel of Reset stone added to the prize for BC +7 +8 and CC +6 +7;

Added the ability to expand stats using a special menu;

Added a detailed setting offupsp using a special menu.

In the development of more updates.


Date: 09 / 05 / 2019

Opening this Saturday! May 4th at 19 00 in Kiev!

The main characteristics of the server:

  • Experience x500 (Dynamic Exp by GrandReset)!
  • Drop: 50%
  • Server Chronicles: Season 3 Episod 1 Ultimate Remake (The server was carefully remade by the Universe Team and our programmers);
  • Maximum level: 400;
  • Maximum reset: 200;
  • Grand reset: with 200 reseta;
  • Maximum stats: 32767;
  • Level to create guild: 250;
  • Level to activate MU Helper: 50;
  • Help NPC Buffer: up to level 250;
  • Game commands: / addene / addagi / addstr / addvit / addcmd and others;
  • Reliable protection from almost all existing cheats, spidhakov and dyup;
  • Bonuses for voting for the server;
  • Unique, finely crafted spots in all locations;
  • The unique game Quest System, consists of 200 interesting quests with good prizes;
  • Convenient game panel in the game;
  • High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
  • Server uptime: 24/7;
  • Reducing the load% on the CPU;
  • 6 new stones with useful properties;
  • Inside-game trading system!
  • Ability to change Party Leader;
  • Reconnect system. Recover to the party after the release or disconnection;
  • Unique Offline pumping;
  • Premium system;
  • 5 warehouse;
  • The unique system of the domestic economy;
  • 3D Camera;
  • Exchange of game hours for Gold Coins;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Soul - 55%;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Life - 60%;
  • Luck increases sharpening Jewel of Soul by 20%;
  • New interesting locations;
  • New unique monsters and bosses.


  • Blood castle
  • Devil's Square
  • Golden invasion
  • Skeleton invasion
  • White mage invasion
  • Chaos castle
  • Castle siege
  • Kantru (Maya & Nightmare Event)
  • Crywolf
  • Barracks
  • Refuge
  • Raklion
  • Arena Happy Time
  • TvT battle event
  • Anubis invasion
  • Medusa Invasion
  • Lucky event
  • Kundun invasion
  • Illusion temple event
  • Golden Archer Event
  • Double goer event

Date: 29 / 04 / 2019
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