Update stage 1

Hello everyone, a small update for everyone who was worried that they would not have time to pump out the maximum reset of stage 1 to receive the bonus.

The maximum reset at stage 1 has been reduced to 15.

Also this weekend there will be a "Hot Weekend" event, which means that from Friday evening to Sunday evening the experience gained will be increased!

Don't forget that today at 19:30 there will be events on the server!

Date: 11 / 07 / 2024

Market x15

Good day everyone!

The market x15 for selling things on the website for credits between players is open!
Now you can transfer credits to each other, sell things, etc.

But don’t forget that the account from which the item is being offered must be offline at the time of sale, or credits simply may not apply!

Date: 10 / 07 / 2024
How to get Credit or top item? Just a few clicks!
We are always happy to reward you for choosing our project!
Grab the castle, show your skills Clan Leader!
Everyone who fulfills the conditions of the promotion will receive WCoinC!
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